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" Exciting and huge sound, from a sound system that can actually fit in to a normal home environment.

I wanted something different, a sound that can engage and excite the listener, with realism and impact.

What is possible with sound. With state-of-the-art solutions, no compromises.

Be surprised.

Using science with just a little bit of art, performance keeps improving with better speakers, better room acoustics and better calibration.

" This is the future of hi-fi as a hobby. To learn about how to do tweaks that actually works, buy and install new equipment which actually changes and improves the sound.

Audio myths and misunderstandings prevents you from making correct decisions to improve sound.

Read and learn about audio systems in the How to set up a 2-channel audio system article.

Don't really care to know what impulse response measurement means?

Leave the technical details to us. Get a proposal for a complete audio solution that actually works and suits your needs. With absolute no-nonsense guarantee.