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S1.2 Surround Loudspeaker

S1.2 Surround Loudspeaker

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Design Øyvind Kvålsvoll 2013

Surround loudspeaker for small home-theater and media rooms, designed for immersive sound with great care for sound radiation pattern.

The S1.2 demonstrates that surround speakers can really make a big difference in the total sound experience.

A surround loudspeaker has requirements different from ordinary main fronts. They present sound to listeners from side and behind, and this affects how the sound is perceived. Often they will be placed in less than ideal locations, such as very close to listeners. These factors must be considered when designing high performance surround loudspeakers.

If you find the S1.2 Surround Loudspeakers interesting, you can contact us and we will update you on where and when they will be available for purchase.