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A new standard for sound.

Small, freestanding, sophisticated.

The sound of a huge speaker system in very small physical size is achieved by controlled radiation and sufficient output capacity.

Acoustic ports on the side of the cabinet controls radiation, so that directivity control is achieved all the way down into the bass range. A small horn takes care of the higher frequencies.

Bass is handled by separate subwoofers. This is beneficial for both midrange and bass, because the units can be placed optimally in relation to the frequency range they cover.

The T6-Flat-A Compact Horn subwoofer with integrated amplifier turns F205 into an active speaker system. The 2-channel amplifier with DSP in the subwoofer does crossover and processing of the sound and drives both the subwoofer and F205.

A sound system small enough to fit nicely into a normal living room, works fine in the acoustic surroundings most rooms have, and all this with sound quality so much better that it really makes a difference.

This is the sound of the future.

The sound

Significantly better sound.

What does that mean. Better compared to what.

There is this clarity, everything is so defined and sharp, yet at the same time it is so smooth and soft.

Instruments appear like solid objects with body, they have this sense of power and size.

The soundstage becomes 3-dimensional with full depth, and instruments appear as real objects with physical size. Even if your room is far from perfect.

This sound makes it very engaging to listen to music, it becomes addictive.


Only as strong as the weakest link. There is no point in making one brilliant solution for one particular problem, if the rest of the design is just average.

The radiation control is achieved using horn for higher frequencies, and acoustic ports on the side of the cabinet at lower frequencies.

The crossover is special. At the bottom, actively crossed over to a bass system at 120Hz. This crossover is made so that flat phase is possible and no time discontinuity occors in the important upper bass area.

Crossover between midrange and tweeter is passive, with extremely sharp cutoff and controlled phase and time behavior. This ensures sound never comes from different speaker drivers at different time in the same frequency range, and this is of great importance for perceived soundstage and resolution.

Choice of parameters and properties for the drivers is responsible for much of the sound in the F205. The HF driver in the horn is a medium-sized AMT, it has exceptionally low distortion and decent capacity. The LF drivers have very good transient reproduction and high sound pressure capacity, as well as covering their range completely without resonances from diaphragm or other moving parts. This is possible because they do not play bass, and they only work up to 1700Hz where the HF section takes over.

Sound from the rear of the drivers is acoustically filtered inside the cabinet, and radiates out through the holes on the side. This sound, combined with the sound from the front, creates radiation control down in the midrange and upper bass frequency range. To achieve this, there are three chambers inside, with four different types of acoustic damping material, there are acoustic ports inside the cabinet. The radiation pattern gradually widens downwards in frequency, like a normal large speaker, only slightly narrower so that less sound is sent backwards and out to the sides. In front of the speaker, towards listeners, the radiation is even.

AMT driver in horn is the ultimate solution for high frequencies. Transparency and airy highs similar to a ribbon, but also much lower distortion and higher output capacity.

The horn with the AMT driver is designed for a very precise radiation pattern, where sound is even over a large area forward into the room towards listeners, and sharp cut-off outside, across the entire frequency range from 1700Hz to the top. Horns can also be used for the rest of the frequency range downwards, but then the speaker will become very large, with dimensions close to 1 meter in width.

Development of such a loudspeaker is a combination of art and science.

The rear stand provides vertical angle adjustment in 3 steps, for adaptation to different listening distances and listening heights.


Air Motion Transformer:

Planar driver with large accordion-shaped membrane.

LF driver:

Low Frequency driver, the bass - midrange speaker drivers.

Radiation pattern:

How the speaker radiates sound.


F205 / F205-A Loudspeaker
Free-standing active (F205-A) or passive (F205) loudspeaker for music and entertainment in small and medium rooms, to be used in stereo pair, integrated with bass-system for low frequency reproduction.
Frequency range
120Hz - 20KHz
Rated impedance
4 ohm (Minimum 3.6Ω @196Hz)
Recommended amplifier power
5W to 400W
Power handling
300W AES (AES2-1984) / 600W Program (Normal music program material)
Output capacity
LF section
2x5" high output capacity drivers in small cabinet with damped acoustic ports and internal chambers
HF section
Medium-size AMT driver in controlled directivity horn
Crossover frequencies
LF section to HF section: 1700Hz controlled phase, very steep cutoff
F205 to bass-system: 120Hz active dsp-controlled
Recommended listening distance
1.6m - 3.2m
Angular tilt adjustment for vertical listening height
0° - 2° - 4°
Horizontal coverage
949mm (floor-to-top)/162mm(cabinet baffle width)/182mm(cabinet depth)
Footprint 232mm(width)/204mm(depth)
F205 in Color
Frequency response (on-axis, 1m)

Phase is wrapped inside -180°..+180°.
Frequency response (0-30°-45°-90°-135° horisontal)

1/6 octave smoothing.
Step response
F205-A Active Version
Internal Hypex nCore FA251.
DSP functionality
Processing for bass-system crossover and integration, eq, delay, programmable.
Amplifier output power

Price and ordering

Price list

Price in NOK currency (including NO VAT)
net export ex. taxes
F205 Loudspeakers

Passive main speaker
each/1 unit
F205 pair
2 units

Active main speaker
Includes signal processor and power amplifier
each/1 unit
F205-A pair
2 units
Loudspeaker systems
F205 + T6-Flat-A System

2x F205 main speakers
2x T6-Flat-A Compact Horn subwoofers
Includes signal processor and all power amplifiers
1 system
Support for calibration and system configuration

Order and information request form

Order F205 loudspeakers

This is not a committing order. You will be required to confirm the order later, after receiving confirmation with all items and prices listed, including shipping cost and expected time schedule for delivery.

You can use this form to initiate a conversation about your desires, no obligations.

Process of ordering

You can contact us by using the order-form above, by mail, on the facebook page, on phone.

When you have decided your final configuration for the purchase, you will get an estimate for expected schedule of delivery. When the order is ready to be sent, you will get a notice, with payment information. Once the order is paid, it will be shipped to you.

As a customer you can make use of our expert knowledge on sound systems. We can predict how an installation will perform in your room. We can support you and guide you through all steps from finding requirements for your system, selection of installation including subwoofers, and finally setting up and calibrate your system to optimal performance.

This process often starts with some simple sketches of your room, perhaps you have a picture, we may look into how you prefer your sound and music. If you have acoustic measurements of your room, those can provide useful information.

You have a dream, a vision, of how the sound will be in your room. We will help you fulfill that dream, by making sure you select the best suitable equipment and are able to install and calibrate the system properly.

Delivery schedule

Kvålsvoll Design loudspeakers are built to order. This means there will be a delay from receiving your order until the units are shipped.

We may have completed units ready for shipping, but this will usually not be the case.


Prices listed here are NOK currency including taxes (top, large text) and export price excluding taxes (below, smaller text). For price in your country, use the net export price, and look up currency exchange ratios and find any additional taxes - such as VAT/MwSt/Sales tax, which you will be required to pay when the goods arrive in your country.

Shipping is not included in these prices, and will be determined individually for each order.

Right to cancel the purchase

You are entitled to receive a full refund of the purchase price excluding shipping cost, upon returning the purchased goods in the same condition as it was delivered, within 14 days after the purchase, if the purchased items are not performing according to your expectations.


Warranty against failure due to manufacture defects are valid for up to 5 years on all components. Normal wear due to use is not covered by this warranty. The warranty does not cover failure due to improper use or any sort of usage not recommended for the specific item.

Disposal of retired electronics and electrical items

Old audio equipment - loudspeakers, amplifiers - that is no longer to be used must be disposed off in a way that ensures no risk for environmental harm. Some countries have dedicated disposal arrangements for electronics and electrical equipment, contact appropriate authorities in your country to receive information about arrangements and regulations.