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But please do read about what this classic topology can achive, while we wait for the successor for the F2 - a completely new loudspeaker with capacity and definition and controlled sound radiation.

A 12" woofer and horn on top - the classic style loudspeaker.

Effortless dynamics, large 3-D soundstage, powerful and realistic midbass and lower midrange.

The F2 also adds refinement and accuracy and definition to all this dynamics and headroom.

Updated technology brings out more of the potential and eliminate challenges that characterises this type of topology.

The sound

The F2 is different. The sound has a sharp and revealing character, almost like you can reach out and feel the texture of the instruments.

Overall tonal balance will in most rooms tend to be perceived as rather dark.

The soundstage is 3-dimensional with full depth, and instruments appear like objects with physical size.

LF section

Since the low bass is meant to be reproduced by a separate bass-system, there is no need to push low end extension. Then the speaker can be designed to perform even better in the frequency range from midbass and upwards.

LF driver with high thermal and displacement capacity makes it possible to satisfy sound pressure requirements using a 12" driver. A 12" driver is just perfect to match the AMT horn, it is still in the linear region up to the crossover frequency, and the radiation pattern is just right.

The parameters of the driver is selected for best midrange performance. High BL and modest moving mass gives excellent transient response, at the cost of low frequency extension. Initially this gives a system that rolls of from around 200Hz - too high, we want something that has reasonably flat response down to well below 100hz.

A special kind of enclosure with horn loading and internal damping brings low frequency extension down to 60Hz before it drops off. This is not a real horn, the acoustic port functions more like a bass reflex loading. The internal damping is critical to achieve a smooth response free of any resonances.

The result is a very dry and defined bass, with nice attack.

HF section

The large AMT driver is mounted in a conical horn. This horn controls the radiation pattern and improves headroom at lower midrange frequencies.

A diffusor in front of the AMT, together with carefully tuned acoustic absorption inside the horn, gives smooth and flat response and tunes the radiation pattern.

Crossover network

To make this work as a coherent sound source and eliminate any negative contribution from the drivers outside of their pass-band, a crossover with very high slope and controlled phase was developed.


Frequency range
60Hz - 20KHz +1/-3dB
Rated impedance
8 ohm (Minimum 5.4 ohm @180hz)
Recommended amplifier power
10 to 800W (8 ohm)
Power handling
700W AES
Output capacity
>120dB/1m >70Hz
Peak >124dB/1m >120Hz
Horisontal coverage
+-30 degrees
LF section
12" driver in damped ported horn
HF section
AMT driver in conical horn
Crossover network
1250Hz high-slope, controlled phase
Dimensions (H/W/D)

Price and ordering

Price list

Price in NOK currency (including NO VAT)
net export ex. taxes
F2 Loudspeakers
Finished in flat black with black oiled wooden trim parts.
each/1 unit
F2 pair -- DISCONTINUED --
2 units
Support for calibration and system configuration