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Articles on Compact Horn and subwoofers and bass-systems:

Compact Horn Subwoofer

PRELIM - New T140 - presentation will be updated.

This larger unit has full-range frequency extension and quite substantial low-bass capacity in a tall unit that is easy to place due to its narrow depth.

This is serious bass, with capacity, low extension and horn bass sound similar to the other large Compact horn units.

The T140 has a generous 380cm² port opening area, and two damping channels inside.

The 12" driver is a new updated version similar to the one used in most of the larger and mid-sized Compact Horn units, such as the V110. This driver has a motor that handles high current and hard acoustic load, decent linear excursion, and a massive xmech of 60mm. The large-signal properties of the driver - suspension characteristics, motor with magnet and coil - all combine with the acoustic load from the Compact Horn cabinet, in such a way that as you increase the volume to get more of that massive, solid punch, the bass seems to get even more precise and tight.

How it works

Compact Horn subwoofer

Acoustic loading from the long, narrow horn channel increases performance significantly compared to the typical sealed or ported enclosure types.

Placement options

The T140 cabinet is tall, wide and shallow in depth, to minimize floor space occupied. It can be placed flat against the front wall, or flat against the side wall.


T140 Compact Horn Subwoofer
Output capacity
> 114dB/1m/2π > 30Hz
Frequency range
15Hz - 200Hz
Driver size
Cabinet Material
Birch plywood
External A502 (Powers up to 4 subwoofer units, or one T140 and one main speaker.)