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Assistance for calibration of your sound system, including proper integration of the bass-system.

The whole process is guided and supervised remotely through mail and phone communication, as we find suitable.

The process

First we do an acoustic measurement of your system. You measure, guided by us, it is not difficult.

You send us the measurement file on mail, and we use this to determine proper settings for your audio system.

After entering new settings in your amplifiers and digital processors, you do a listening evaluation, and new measurement to verify.

Then we repeat until you are satisfied.

What can be achieved

  • Seamless integration of bass system/subwoofers with main speakers will always be possible.
  • Significant reduction of bass boom in problematic rooms where good acoustic treatment is not possible.
  • Significantly improved bass sound quality.
  • Better overall sound quality because bass boom does not mask midrange detail.
  • Exciting bass!

Did you know?

  • Room acoustics affect time delay at bass frequencies, causing correct delay settings for main speakers to be much larger than physical distance.
  • Sound field properties - intensity and particle velocity - affect how we perceive bass, and this can not be seen on ordinary acoustic measurements.
  • Shape of the frequency response defines much of bass sound character.
  • Multi-subwoofer bass-systems can be configured in very different ways, what works best depends on both room acoustic properties, placement and your preferences.
  • Everything we hear can be measured, but it is not always easy to interpret those measurements and correlate to what is important for sound quality.