Services provided by Kvålsvoll Design.

Consulting Services

Flexible access to special tech expertise.

Consulting Services

Product Design

Create nice things for your customers.


Fixing room acoustics so it actually works.


Collection of loudspeakers and complete sound systems solutions.

F205+T6-A System

Sound system with F205 loudspeakers and T6-A Compact Horn subwoofers.

F205 Loudspeaker

A new standard for sound.

F105 Loudspeaker

Small loudspeaker with controlled directivity.


Compact Horn subwoofers for addictive bass.

T8016 Compact Horn Subwoofer

High-performance bass with flexible configuration options.

T140 Compact Horn Subwoofer

Larger for more performance. Tall, small footprint.

T6-A Compact Horn Subwoofer

Real bass in small format.

T6018 Compact Horn Subwoofer

Small size, with full frequency range.

V-Series Compact Horn Subwoofers

V-Series Compact Horn subwoofers are the most sophisticated in design and performance for horn bass.


Amplifiers for main speakers and bass-systems.

A502 DSP Amplifier

2-channel DSP amplifier.

Price & Order

Price and ordering

Kvålsvoll Design delivers services.

Some loudspeaker designs have been offered for sale, primarily for the purpose of testing those products in the market, and to show what is possible to do.

There is no manufacturing of products in significant numbers, and no ordinary marketing for those products.

See For Sale on the forum for products from inventory available for purchase.

Price and ordering