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Sound Demo

Sound demo for Kvålsvoll Design sound products.

Contact us to book your demo appointment to experience our Sound Solution and the new generation loudspeakers.

We have two demo rooms, ready to be set up with the loudspeakers and sound solution you want to experience.

A quick demo session can be done in an hour or so, but many will find using more time gives a better impression of the sound.

The Moderate Cinema is the Kvålsvoll Design test and demo room, set up like a typical home media room.

The Room 2 is a listening room for 2-channel audio, with extensive acoustic treatment.

All systems are equipped with computers and can play virtually everything, so you are welcome to bring your own music or movie clips, and we can stream content from the net.

You will experience movie sound with full dynamics and bass you can really feel, you will see that we can actually bring a brazz band in to the room, and you will question whether reproduced music actually can be better than live.