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Expert Advice on Sound

You are welcome to contact us for a free-of-charge, no-obligations conversation about your audio desires, and get a proposal for your personal sound solution.

You can ask a simple question, such as:

  • Is this amplifier suitable for my system?
  • How do I enterpret the acoustic measurement I just did?
  • What functionality should I require from my new amplifier?
  • I want to improve room acoustics to get better sound, where do I start?
  • What type of subwoofers should I choose?

Realize your sound vision

As a customer you can make use of our expert knowledge on sound systems. We can predict how an installation will perform in your room. We can support you and guide you through all steps from finding requirements for your system, selection of installation including subwoofers, and finally setting up and calibrate your system to optimal performance.

This process often starts with some simple sketches of your room, perhaps you have a picture, we may look into how you prefer your sound and music. If you have acoustic measurements of your room, those can provide useful information.

You have a dream, a vision, of how the sound will be in your room. We will help you fulfill that dream, by making sure you select the best suitable equipment and are able to install and calibrate the system properly.

Complete Sound solutions

Get a proposal for a sound system solution to match your specific needs - intended use, room, sound preference:

  • Loudspeakers including bass-system
  • Electronics - amplifiers and processors and playback devices
  • Room acoustics and placement
  • Calibration

For equipment we do not sell, we can recommend where to buy, we can also recommend other experts on specific topics.