Tidal playlist “The Demo Tracks Part 1”

I have created some playlists in Tidal, with music selections suitable for demo and testing of audio gear, and as a source for new music you may find interesting. Here I present The Demo Tracks Part 1.


Assorted demo tracks, put together from the collection built while listening to Tidal in the Kvålsvoll Design Room 2. This is the “popular” list – music which is easy to like. Some of these tracks are often played in showrooms and exhibitions. This is not a selection of productions with exceptional technical qualities, rather examples of diversity and variation both musically and in sound style. Some have obvious flaws – if your sound system is good, it will still present the music.

There is huge diversity here, from the audiophile-style vocal track Le Vent Souffle Encore by Anne Bisson, to things like Eric Claptons Cocaine – rough, unpolished.

How to add this list in Tidal

I have not found any easy way to open and add a playlist created by others. There is no simple way to share playlists among other Tidal users. Follow this procedure, and you should be able to get the playlist into your Tidal Playlists:


  • Press Favorite

  • Open your Tidal desktop application, and you should now see The demo tracks playlist in Playlists.

Tracks on playlist