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A502 2-channel DSP Amplifier

The A502 is the new amplifier for bass-systems and main speakers, with signal processing for EQ and timing correction (delay).

This is simply a Hypex FA502 module with remote control, mounted in a cabinet.

A 2-channel amplifier - with 2 power output modules, 2 DSP channels, and one input. It can power a bass-system with up to 4 subwoofer units, or one subwoofer section (1 or 2 units) and one main speaker.

Quality of signal processing is very high, so this amplifier can also be used on the main speakers, and noise will not be a problem even with quite sensitive main speakers. The amplifier + DSP signal path is good enough to be completely transparent - there is simply no audible difference from input to output.

Output power is 600W/channel 4ohm, 350W/channel 8 ohm, or 1200W bridged (mono/1 channel).

Dimensions of the cabinet is 404mm high + 6mm base, 174mm wide. The cabinet is actually quite nice, in oiled satin black wood.

The front panel has a lamp indicator for power on/std-by/clip/remote control command, and remote control receiver.

Looks quite nice, actually.

The remote is the standard Hypex plastic remote control. I would prefer a nice design milled from one piece of aluminum, but that would have doubled the price. So the Hypex will have to do, and I leave the Hypex logo on, as it would just look cheap to mount my own logo over it.