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Custom Projects (Loudspeaker systems)

Can I do custom projects - one-off, custom designs, a loudspeaker made, designed and developer just for you. The ultimate in sophistication and exclusivity.


It is just that it may not be a very good idea. To do such projects, the price will need to cover all expenses, which means the price will be very high. And there is no guarantee that the outcome will be exactly like how the customer expects.

You will, however, be guaranteed to have a unique, one-off, very special sound system.

Advanced simulation, combined with decades of experience, does mean that there is a certain level of predictability  in the outcome.

And they would be fun to make. This is what I do - develop things, design them, build the first to verify performance.

A better, more predictable solution, with much better price-value ratio, would be to order some of the designs I already have planned and is working on. Currently, the F4 is such a project, where further progress essentially depends on a few customers showing up and pre-order. The F4, combined with the new A502 dsp amplifier (which is a finished design) and the T8016 Compact horn subwoofers, will make a sound system of very high standard, on all aspects related to sound quality, as well as having a visual appearance that easily matches anything else on the market today.

For a manufacturer, a company that buys a new design intended for own production, can be for licensing, the situation is of course different for the price-value issue. Part from access to unique technology and experience, the cost will be predictable and usually much lower than running an in-house development project.

Custom Projects Summary:

  • Custom projects are possible
  • Price will be very high, for a one-off system
  • Pre-order one of the new designs in-progress is a much better choice for price-value and predictable outcome
  • Visual appearance can be visualized with 3D renderings early in the development phases
  • For manufacturers, cost can be justified and the outcome will usually be more predictable compared to alternative approaches