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Product Design

Loudspeaker design

The loudspeakers designed by Kvålsvoll Design are examples showing what is possible to do. They are the results of development projects with specific requirements criteria, such as size, price, desired sound character.

A speaker can be made to have certain specific sound characteristics, visual appearance and size, to suit a specific group of customers. Most of my speakers are tailored for the sound I appreciate, but it is also possible to create a speaker with a different sound, with a predictable outcome.

Simulation and acquired knowledge from numerous practical designs, together with unique expertise in electroacoustics, makes this possible. 3D-cad design gives an impression of visual appearance early in the design phase.

Understanding human perception of sound is an important part of this.

Technical solutions developed by Kvålsvoll Design are possible to implement, through licensing.

Kvålsvoll Design can assist the whole process going from requirements specification through prototype design and building, into preparation for production.