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Feed: Nytt - oppdateringer

The new A502 2-channel DSP amplifier is coming now:


Working on the few deliveries we have in these challenging times, and in-between some details here and there, like the new base for the F205:

More pictures here:


Alle produkter listet i Til Salgs kan nå sendes til store deler av Norge.


Price increase coming soon, just need to decide how much, and update the price list.

All orders submitted before february 10. will get current price.

One customer has managed to find 4x V110 Compact horn subwoofers:

Support for second-hand, used products

All products are entitled to support and assistance, including help with calibration and system set-up, including those products bought second-hand used from a previous owner.

Have you bought a Kvålsvoll Design product second-hand? Do not hesitate to contact us, register your ownership with us by sending us a notification on mail.

T6-A ready for delivery to customer. These are finished with a matte clear-coat on top of the flat black, which gives a satin black appearance.

"..for they are all there, but two.

We, the last of the F205."

In times like this, sound and loudspeakers becomes very trivial.

Kvalsvoll Design does not engage in politics, we have no official political view, we are not pro or against any government or political movement. But what is happening right now in Ukraine is no longer about politics, this is a battle against evil and madness.

What is Kvålsvoll Design?

From the About-page:

"Kvålsvoll Design is a product design and development and research company, with unique expertise in audio technology and dynamic systems.

Our focus is on design and development, and we do offer some of our loudspeaker designs for sale, primarily for the purpose of testing those products in the market, and to show what we can do."

This message is not communicated well. Kvålsvoll Design is not a factory, does not do extensive marketing for products, does not sell physical products in large quantities. We offer products in limited quantities to test them in the market, and bring some income to enable us to survive short-term.