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Unique music - rare music - found - searching for

Music pieces with special value for audiophiles - masterpieces of art, rarities, recordings with unusual qualities.

Found something special?

Searching for music that you can not find?

This is the thread for those special works - what is it, where can you buy it.

Flamenco "Zambra" everyone is looking for:

This is a piece of music with some special qualities, flamenco, guitars and vocals and floor stomping with great dynamics.

The track is called "Zambra", it is from the recording "Hi-Fi Flamenco", artist La Pocha, JVC-Japan. It is difficult to find.

On a great system, this sounds spectacular, with physical tactile feel of the floor stomping, realistic soundstage.


Nublado, from Sera Una Noche, is a masterpiece. A MA Recordings production, recorded with 2 microphones. Very realistic and natural, great dynamics. Buy it from MA Recordings on-line, download. The album has several other tracks with similar qualities.

Artist: Sera Una Noche

Album: Sera Una Noche

Label: MA Recordings


Nenad Vasilic:

Nenad Vasilic plays bass - I mean, BASS. Listen to "Kradem ti se u veceri", and "Bass Drops".

Artist: Nenad Vasilic

Album: Bass Drops

Available on Tidal.

Art Of Noise - In Visible Silence

The album In Visible Silence from Art Of Noise is one of the true classics from the 80's. The track Paranoimia is on this album.

Buy the CD/find the CD in your collection, and rip it to disc. Available on Tidal? Let's see.. yes!

https://listen.tidal.com/album/45191822 (Unfortunately looks like it was re-encoded in MQA lossy format, but you get the idea.)